September 15, at 19:00, free admission.

The event can be of interest for a wide audience, for everyone who (un)confidently walks towards global justice and considers love as their main weapon in this fight.

A photo seen through a mass culture’s lens of perception is still considered as one of the most sincere and honest of arts, despite its long life of being a tool for ideology creating, ‘story of winners’ (W. Benjamin) and constructing norms and stereotypes.

The lecture “Where Love is Illegal: Staging in Documentary Photography” is going to happen within discussing a project presented at QUEERFEST this year – “Where Love is Illegal” by human rights photographer Robin Hammond. We are going to talk about staging method as a way of standing against tradition of direct documentary, which people usually see as the voice of the truth. How successful can this method work as a tool of resistance to objectivation and normalization? Their consequence is endangered lives and safety of millions of LGBTI+ people who live in countries with a discriminative legal system.

William Lonsberry, photo assistant, will share the details of working with LGBTI+ community in African countries, Jamaica and Malaysia; he will tell us how the stories changed after photoshoots ended, and reveal a secret of presenting a project in social networks that have more than 120 000 followers.

Partakers of collaborative lecture: organizer of the project and member of human rights organization “Witness Change” William Lonsberry, a character of one of the projects’ stories and one of QUEERFEST organizers Ruslan Savolainen, exhibition curator and researcher Yana Mikhalina.

The event will take place at ARTMUZA, 13 line of Vasilyevsky island, 70-72.


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