September 17, at 15:00, free admission.

The laboratory can be of interest for LGBTQ audience and their allies who are ready for interaction with themselves and with a group through body practices. People with all kinds of physical ability are welcome – exercises that involve physical activities will be adapted accordingly.

Empathy is an ability to feel other people’s emotions and rhythms. It is a quality necessary for every society, especially for its stigmatized subgroups where mutual support is especially important. The laboratory “Empathy: Muscle of LGBTQ-Activism” is a practical empathy training consisting of personal stories and series of individual and group body exercises.

At the event, we are going to look at empathy as at a real muscle, which can and should be built through body practices. We have divided a practical part of the laboratory into a few segments. The first one consists of exercises designed for learning more about your body, getting to know its rhythms. The second part consists of tasks aimed to understand rhythms of the space where body is present, to feel the rhythms of other bodies.

Most of the exercises do not involve physical contact with other people in the group. The consent is required for any kind of physical contact with other participants. Dress code – comfortable clothes suitable for moving.

Host of the Laboratory: Dasha Che, creator of ‘Telaboratoria’ project.

To be noted: the format of the event implies a limited number of participants. The registration form will be published at this page at September 14, at 14:00. Do not forget to enroll yourself and your friends!


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