September 19, at 19:00, free admission.

This workshop is designed for a small group of people who would like to learn ways of expressing their gender and sexuality identities through appearance.

Olga Zhgun, a stylist and the founder of QUEERPOINT, will conduct the “Personal Identity Symbols. Path towards Ourselves” workshop for the guests of the festival. Olga has been working with gender transformations and personal style for eight years. During this period, the stylist has acquired an efficient technique, which allows people who do not follow heteronormativity to become aware of their own uniqueness and manifest it through looks, representations, and their life itself.

At the workshop, you will be able to discover your true self, get to know about symbolic language of your own identities, and learn how to transfer those symbols into real life by means of your looks. As a result, you will unify all your social roles, perceive yourself as a whole, and get an efficient technique for changing yourself and your own life.

Moderator: Olga Zhgun, QUEERPOINT. Makeover Studio – Studio of Gender Transformations. Makeover Studio – Studio of Gender Transformations; St Petersburg, Russia

To be noted: the format of the workshop implies a limited number of participants. The registration form for the workshop will be published at this page on September, 14 at 14:00. Do not forget to register yourself and your friends!

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