September, 22, at 17:00, free admission.

The event is for a wide audience – anyone interested in history of Soviet cinematography, the fate of movie director Parajanov and in fates of people who were charged with 121 article under the criminal code of RSFSR «sodomy».

Armenian by birth, he was born in Georgia and became famous worldwide thanks to his film in Ukrainian.
He was the director who was tried three times and shot about twenty films.
He was an Honoured Artist of both Ukrainian and Armenian Soviet Socialist Republics and worked as a janitor in a prison workhouse.
He was a broke artist whose collage was sold earlier this year for several hundred thousands of rubles.
He made a “thaler” out of a milk bottle cap in prison – a thaler like that is nowadays given as a prize for contribution to world cinematography.
He was the creator of the movie considered now by the greatest modern director as “the greatest film in the world so far”...
He was a singer, an artist, a dreamer, a storyteller, a human theatre, cinematography itself!
He was the director Sergey Parajanov.

The story is told by: Irina Kargopolova, a researcher who is in love with Parajanov's creations.
Address: ARTMUZA, 13 line of Vasilyevsky island, 70-72.


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