September 17, at 17:00, free admission.

The event will be helpful to a wide audience interested in storytelling as a skill of oral and written personal stories narration. Please join us, if you are curious about narratives, improving your self- presentation and storytelling as one of methods of civic activism.

You and I live in different worlds: you, perhaps, are in the world of the "closeted person," who just came out to yourself, but did not yet find the courage to share this discovery even with the best friend. You, perhaps, live in the world of a person, who does not have a place in his/her own name, body, or family - everyone who knows you - does not know real you. You, perhaps, exist in a world that knows what a woman should be like, when she should get married and when have her first child, and when the second one; and you like those rules. You, perhaps, live in a world where a cult of power and hierarchy has been adopted; and attacking someone different seems to be the right thing, because otherwise you yourself will be persecuted. You, perhaps, live in a world where it is customary to help others - seniors, homeless, or sick, and you spend all your free time helping out.

How can we tell each other about our worlds? How to reach out to people, who live in different worlds, and show that we all live in one world and that it should be safe for all of us?

Storytelling is an opportunity to communicate with other people in a common language. And storytelling is the art of narrating stories. This workshop will teach you how to tell stories that will touch your listeners’ hearts. You will study narration by following the structure and understand how to start, what to focus on and how to keep listeners' attention till the very end.

Workshop program:

1. Storytelling as a Myth, Ritual and Sacrifice: who I am and why I am here; the relationships among the actor, the role and the spectator; "master of the word and of the blade" - the elements of charisma and the secrets of charm.
2. "Story out of pocket" morphology of narrative and how it works. On example of two or three participants, we will turn a simple life episode into an exciting story that will be fascinating to listen to and that will build a pleasant image of the author.
3. Elements of acting technique: action, psychological gesture, evaluation; how to influence the audience something other than words.

Presenter: Boris Dragilyov, storyteller, stage and cinema actor, author of theater project "Fairy Tales About Stupid Adults". Boris is the founder of the School of Fighting Storytellers in Moscow and the School of Storytelling in Saint Petersburg.

Address: "ARTMUZA", 13 line of Vasilyevsky Island, 70-72.


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