September 16, at 15:00; free admission.

This event can be of particular interest for civil activists who use or would like to use storytelling as a tool of work with society.

One clear story can change the world – tell about invisible things, capture emotions and thoughts, teach something new. In recent years, oral and\or written storytelling became a special way of interaction, a new tool in both civil activism and LGBT-activism. Diana Arsenyeva from Labrys organization is going to explain how and for what purpose you can use storytelling in activism.

“I’d like to explain how storytelling can be used in mobilizing and empowering societies, in advocacy, in changing social attitudes and breaking stereotypes. I would also like to introduce guests to my organization’s experience, because for many years we have been using a power of personal stories in our work’.

Host: Diana Arsenyeva, an LGBT-activist; “Labrys” LGBT-organization, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
The event will take place in ARTMUZA, 13th line of Vasilyevskiy island, 70-72.


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