September 16, at 17:00, free admission.

The workshop will be interesting for everyone who is ready to think over issues of gender: either for the first time or, maybe, making another step towards understanding own identity. Join us: the workshop is designed for wide audience.

How did you understand that you were a woman? What does it mean for you to be a man? How does it feel to have constant doubts about own identity? Who are you?

What kind of the world are we born in? What do others expect from us before we are born? What do others demand from us after we enter this world?

How can we know what our gender and sex are? What is stronger: our feelings or those bounds we live within? How does our gender adventure go? How do we change? Which milestones do we trespass, and what will we be in for? When and how will our journey end?

At the workshop, you, along with Irina Karagapolova, an expert in gender diversity issues, will be able to explore your own gender adventure and get your personal globe as a memento.

Workshop moderators: Irina Karagapolova – a psychiatrist, a sexologist, an expert in gender diversity issues; Niko Cherchenko – Coming Out LGBT group and “Gender Journey” workshop activist.

The event will take place in ArtMuza at 13th line of Vasilyevskiy Island, 70-72.


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